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Time To Rise

Helping women Regain their Independence and Strength after Domestic Abuse

Hi there,

If you are reading this you thank you for checking out my website. can you believe how quickly the days, weeks and months are going? We are fast approaching the end of 2019.

What are you going to do with the last few months? 

Do you have dreams, aspirations and goals you still have yet to achieve in 2019?

Did you complete or fulfill your goals in 2018?

Don't let another year go by and you haven't started to align yourself with your goals and dreams.

I am here to help you refocus and get your life together in 2019, you still have time time to make it happen. 

Book your free consultation and let's end 2019 strong!


R.I.S.E Programme

We have designed a specialised coaching and mentoring program which is over twelve sessions. The Rise programme helps women recover and regain their independence after experiencing domestic abuse. We provide a variety of services alongside the programme.

Weekly Periscope










Weekly Periscopes broadcasts to help you on your journey of self-development. Completely free Every Tuesday 9pm available on Periscope



You can watch the previous broadcast by clicking the Periscope link above,

Building Community


Building a community of women who help and support each other. We will be hosting events, coffee mornings, retreats and have fun as we grow together. If you want to join us you can find us on our private Facebook Group 

1 on 1 Support









We at R.I.S.E realise that everyone is at a different place on their journey. We offer additional support such as counselling, mentoring and general support to those that need it.

R.I.S.E Online

Rise online is available to all women that need help and support to get their life back on track but are unable to attend in person due to distance or other circumstances. You will have access to the R.I.S.E Workbook, audio, one to one sessions via conference call and others resources to help to facilitate you on your journey.


Weekly Group Support

We offer a six week and twelve-week programme to various organisations such as housing associations, mother and baby groups, family support groups etc. The focus of the group sessions is to help the women to regain their self-love, confidence and independence. The women create lasting social circles which will help with breaking through trust barriers. It's a very welcoming and friendly space where you can share with other women in a non-judgemental environment with people who care.





Women's Support 


Women's Support After Domestic Abuse


" I Wanted more of the sessions, we did a six-week taster and I felt I personally needed longer. I felt at ease and could open up about good or bad experiences without being judged"




"I felt its a good programme, it takes my mind away from the stressing and looked forward to coming. I have learned to have more time for myself"




"I have not engaged within a programme such as Rise and found this is a valuable programme for parents/service users who are experiencing difficulties emotionally and physically within their home environment. it has also helped me reflect and think about who I am today and was in the past"


Family Action Worker